Targets & Goals



▶ Educational Competency Area

– Employment rate: 100%
– BK team graduates: 70 core manpower for 7 years, master’s 21 (30%) doctoral 49 (70%).
– After 2 years of Ph.D. program, the top 10% of the JCR field per person is published 1/year or more
– SCI thesis per graduate student: 1 or more published per year
– Master’s Graduation Requirements: SCI Level 2
– Doctoral graduation requirement: SCI level 5
– Participation in international conference once/year or more
– English education: from 68% to 80%
– Research exchange and joint research with research teams from famous overseas universities

▶ Research Competency Area

– IF thesis publication with the highest 10% or higher in the JCR field, 70 total, 10 or more per year
– Business Team SCI-level total 168 pieces, 24 pieces/year
– Business team intellectual property rights application/registration: Achieved a total of 84 cases, 12 cases/year
– Project team won 8th year of government research funding total 8.4 billion, 1.2 billion/year
– Linkage with government research support projects (focused research centers, etc.)

▶ Industry-Academic Cooperation Area

– Project team received a total of 1.4 billion won/year for research funding for industry targets
– Graduate school course opening: related to the advancement of the semiconductor device next-generation communication convergence industry
– At least 1 case/year of industrial cooperation research in the second half of the project (technology transfer project)
– Expansion of internships for graduate students at home and abroad and establishment of industry-university cooperation network
– Utilization of domestic and foreign industry experts (adjunct professor of industry)